My name is Hector, and I am a totally blind student wrapping up my time as a music major in college. Over the more than ten years I have been involved in music, I have more often than not found it difficult to find accurate and detailed information that was easily accessible to someone with a visual impairment. Because of this, I felt it only appropriate that I start a blog to share what I have learned and hope that others like me can learn from my mistakes and discoveries. Thus, Playing This by Ear was born. This is my attempt at sharing what I’ve learned with others like me, in hopes that anyone from an absolute beginner to a seasoned musician can find something useful on this site. I aim to share tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years, lessons and tutorials written to be accessible to those with a visual impairment on a wide variety of subjects ranging from music literacy, music theory, instrument maintenance, and technique to gear demos, reviews, and tutorials. So welcome to Playing This by Ear, and enjoy your visit!