Privacy Policy

Playing This by Ear will not collect any data that can personally identify you, and that which is collected will only be used for analytics. Your continued use of this website constitutes your agreement to provide this information with Playing This by Ear and any third party services that will be used to analyze it. This information will not be shared or sold, and will only be used to gather broad measurements of engagement of Playing This by Ear content. The only exception to this general data is that which is personally provided by you, such as that gathered by use of the contact forms and comment threads on the website, and this information will only be gathered for use in cases when it is necessary to respond to a particular inquiry. Playing This by Ear is not responsible for the use of collected data if such use has not been explicitly agreed to by Playing This by Ear. The terms of this privacy policy are subject to change without notice, and you are encouraged to check back regularly to review these terms.