Learning Resource: LickN’Riff, Guitar Lessons and Song Tutorials

by Hector Ibarra
Founded and run by guitarist, arranger, and teacher Assaf Levavy, LickN’Riff is an excellent online source for guitar lessons and song tutorials. With each lesson supplemented with tabs and videos, the donation-based site offers a wealth of free lessons and tutorials covering everything from basic theory and technique to full song tutorials. Though the tabs are presented as graphics and are therefore not accessible with a screen reader, the videos for each lesson walk the student step by step through the song or exercise measure by measure, note by note and therefore more than make up for the lack of a usable tab. In addition to the lessons available on the site, one can also arrange private lessons and arrangements of requested songs at reasonable rates that vary depending on the topic or song requested. Visit the LickN’Riff YouTube channel here, or visit the site directly here.


  1. There is a free tool called LunarTabs that allows you to render various well-known digital guitar tab formats to an accessible format. You do need a working Java Access Bridge on Windows, but in my experience it has worked quite well in the past 🙂 The author might consider exporting the tabs in that format to make the resource even better. For now though this sounds very promising, going to check

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