Free VSTs and Sample Sets From Versilian Studios

Along with a good variety of very reasonably priced VSTs, Versilian Studios is giving away a handful of VSTs and a set of sampled instruments from their flagship Kontakt instrument. The VSTs, fully accessible from within Reaper, include an upright piano, celtic folk harp, fretless zither, and a couple of miscellaneous sets of various effects and percussion samples. In addition to this, a free download of selected samples from the Versilian Kontakt instrument, over 3 GB in all, can also be downloaded, both as wave files and as instruments designed by third party designers. Though there are some accessibility issues with the sampler used for some of the payed instruments, these appear to be partially accessible, and for the price, still can’t be beat considering purchases are supporting the work toward the free content! Stay tuned for updates on the accessibility of the payed libraries, and check out these goodies over at Versilian’s website

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